Ametherm Releases New PTC Thermistor Temperature Sensors 

PR - CL20

Ametherm's CL20 PTC Thermistor offers the industry's highest voltage rating and lowest resistance for pre-charge circuits. It is the ideal solution for providing over-current protection and an alternative to fixed resistors:

  • Voltage Ratings up to 1200 VDC
  • Maximum Energy Ratings to 600 J
  • Resistance values at 25 °C from 7.0 Ω to
    100.0 Ω with tolerance down to 25%

Stability Reliability in High-Voltage Applications

The CL20 Series PTC Thermistors can withstand hundreds of hits of maximum inrush current without degrading. These devices also feature a dissipation constant of 22.5 mW/°C, heat capacity from 2.0 J/°C to 3.45J/°C, and a thermal time constant of 65 s.

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